Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor: Background Information

If you’re searching for accurate information on Patrick Dwyer’s background as a financial advisor, simply continue reading to discover a wealth of information of Dwyer’s career as a highly successful, highly sought after financial advisor!

Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor: Background

1. Dwyer was hired by Merrill Lynch in 2013

Dwyer was initially offered a role as a personal investment advisor in November 2013. Merill Lynch is a wealth management division of the Bank of America and employees over 15,000 employees.

Patrick Dwyer flourished in his role at Merill Lynch as a personal investment advisor and quickly built up a large client base of high-net-worth individuals. Who sought advice on how they should invest a proportion of their disposable incomes. As most wealthy individuals have discovered the secret to success. That one doesn’t have to have a finance degree to become successful, they simply need to employ skilled individuals who boast superb financial skills.

2. Dwyer was quickly given more responsible at Merril Lynch

Within a few short months of working as a personal investment advisor at Merill Lynch, Dwyer’s bosses were so impressed with Dwyer’s work ethic and exceptional talent, that they decided to give Dwyer a second role. The role of retirement benefits consultant.

3. Dwyer now leads an incredible team of talented financial advisors

As Patrick Dwyer is now one of the senior financial advisors at Merill Lynch, he is now in charge of leading his own team of experienced, talented fincical advisors. Patrick Dwyer prides himself on ensuring that his team is diverse in every sense of the world.

Currently, Dwyer’s team comprises an even split of male and female advisors and features advisors who are in their twenties as well as advisors in their fifties. As well as first generation American advisors and advisors whose grandparents all were born and raised in America. As Dwyer believes that a diverse team, will be able to best serve the needs of his diverse client list. Many of whom are located overseas.

4. Not only is Patrick Dwyer an experienced financial advisor but he is also a highly educated financial advisor

Not only does Patrick Dwyer boast several decades of experience as a dedicated financial advisor but Dwyer also boasts two degrees from prestigious universities. Dwyer was awarded a bachelor’s degree from Providence College and has also been award a highly sought after master’s degree from the University of Miami. The latter of which is noted for its excellent business program.

5. Patrick Dwyer has won numerous awards as a financial advisor

During his time working for Merrill Lynch Dwyer has won numerous awards as a financial advisor. Examples of which include awards from Forbes Magazine, Barron and Wealth Managment Magazine. All of which are reputable publications.

As Patrick Dwyer is still receiving accolades and awards for his work on a yearly basis, he shows no sign of retiring any time soon. Especially as Dwyer loves leading his own team of financial advisors at Merill Dwyer. Which happens to be one of the country’s most popular wealth management agencies.

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